Who We Are

The idea to set up this foundation is one I have borne since when I was a child and I always tell myself:

"When I grow up and I make a lot of money, I will help a lot of people"

More than 20 years later, I still find myself saying the same thing on with the excuse that I have not been successful to be able to give and I realised I have been wrong all along.

Not because I have not lead a life to contribute or help people as part of my growth and development but because the condition attached to the maxim is self-imposed and self-serving making it impossible for many to contribute to the society in ways they are capable of.

I have looked up the word 'philanthropy' it does not connote a state of affluence but a generous donation to a worthy cause.

I hope to touch lives within my means and also with the help of others out there who aim to touch lives of many.

The Foundation looks to contribute to different classes of the society in different ways:

1. Kids and Teens -  Enriching their academic development and facilitating opportunities to the brightest of minds to compete with the best in the world

2. Youth Empowerment - Empower youths that are resourceful to actualise their dreams and contribute to the society.

3. Aged - Add value to their lives through aged life management programmes.

I hope the first generation of my life has prepared me enough to embark on this journey that I hope could outlive me.

I welcome you all on this rode and  I hope my enthusiasm is shared and you can help to change someone's life.


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